December 20, 2018

Winter Sub Plans!!

It's bound to happen! Winter sick days! And nothing is worse than driving through a snowstorm while sick to prep for a sub. 
Here are some easy sub plans that can be printed ahead of time and put in a sub binder. Just let them know where your coloring materials are. 
This lesson also uses complementary colors and patterns so it isn't a wasted day!  
Easy, peasy! 

If you can get access to a smartboard, iPads or a computer lab for your sub you can use this great guided drawing activity! 

December 19, 2018

Free Party Planner!

I am in the midst of holiday shopping, wrapping and prep, dealing with crazy students before vacation and planning my son's 3rd birthday!! First off, how did that happen?! THREE YEARS OLD!

We are doing a truck and blippi theme! I've gotten to the point that if I don't write it down I forget it, so I made a party planner to stick in my planner to keep me organized.  I can drop my ideas on that as they come to me. Here is this two sided freebie for you to use! Enjoy!
Free Party Planner! 

November 30, 2017

I'm baaaacck!

Well I guess I have some explaining to do!
I've been outta the loop for a bit since I've been momming it!
I have two amazing little boys now-Sam will be two in January and Nolan just turned two months. I have a few weeks left of maternity leave and some ideas to share so I decided to get back into the blogging!
If ya wanna see pics of my life-head over to Instagram (michelegorham) to keep updated on my life!
Ok, someone is bound to have a meltdown soon so keep an eye out for some new posts!

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