June 9, 2014

5 ways to Use Zip Top Bags - Can't live without them!

I am frugal and I like to spend money wisely. Zip top bags aren't cheap, even the generic brands so I have a hard time justifying their use. Granted some are donated, some I pick up on sale and I did order some with my supplies this year. This year I have broke down and really starting using my stash of zip top bags. Boy, I am glad I did!  How do I use them?


1-Pre-K program. The entire program fits in a gallon slider bag including all their supplies and materials. I can see which step each student is on and they make for easy transport since I teach in their room.
2-Clay Whistles (ocarinas)- these small projects dry out quickly so a quality bag is a must to keep it wet for several weeks. Some day I will have zip top bags for my entire clay program!
3-Kindergarten Projects-While clothespins are great, you are bound to lose some tiny pieces along the way. Instead  I use gallon bags with the slider top so my students can independently close them.
Collage Project Pieces for K
4-Reward system for my most difficult classes. I have a few rough classes this year with a variety of behaviors that disrupt instruction, demonstrations and our work time. I brainstormed and came up with a pretty successful solution. It's a buddy system in which points are kept in a zip top bag. When a student needs a second reminder they lose their point. I am sure this goes against the grain of some behavior guru's theory, but when the student hold the actually point instead of just hearing about it, they truly do behave better. I'll write more about this system later! 
Quart bags for Points- Need to reload the bags!
5-Send home projects- My kindergartners make pinch pots and plant flowers in them for Mother's Day.  To safely transport them without them tipping over, I place a piece of matboard in the bottom of a quart bag, and put the pot in there. I put a label on it and deliver them to the classroom teachers! 
Placed these in a bag for safe travels! 
How do you use plastic bags? I am sure I can make a list of 20!
Current Stash of Zip Top Bags! 


  1. Paint palettes!!!' Saving paint between sessions..hate to waste tempera or acrylics!!! Bring a ziplock is on my MS class supply list.....for clay projects and painting!!

    1. That's another good one!! I hate cleaning palettes so saving on washing is a win for me!


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