July 3, 2014

Studio day! Getting my Hands Dirty!

After a quick weekend of camping with friends, I came back ready to get in the studio. I have spent the last three days making up for lost time. I received an order for dog bowls on the last day of school and that kick started me. Plus, I have my first two day art show on July 11 and 12th in Skaneateles. I have never done a two day show and have no idea what to expect for sales so I am stocking up and hoping to go home with an empty car! 
 Here is what I have been up to! 

I spent Monday working on my order and some hand building. 

Dog Bowls and Coffee Mugs waiting to be trimmed. 
Sponge holders and spoon rests. 
Started soaking some bottles on Tuesday.
Reclaim- Recycling all the duds and broken projects. 

Making Progress! Finished work drying out.

Bottle charms and a few new ideas! 
Whew! It's amazing how much time I have when I am not planning lessons or a wedding! I am loving it!
Check out my Etsy shop or visit Midnight Sun in Oswego! 
Info on the the Skaneateles Antiques and Craft show next weekend here.

If you are in the area swing by BEAUTIFUL Skaneateles for this show! 

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