Scoville's Studio

After we bought our house,the next big purchase was my kiln! I already owned a Brent Model B Potter's wheel. The guys +Clayscapes Pottery in Syracuse, NY set me up with my Skutt Kiln,clay and glazes. My father hooked it up for me in our basement and I was soon officially in business. After some experimenting I found my niche in functional pottery. I have taken everyday annoyances and solved them in a beautiful way. For example-slow down dog dishes, no more stinky sponge sponge holders, put spoon here spoon rests, double dip chip and dip bowls for when you can't decide!! Also, being a coffee snob lover, I make mugs. Nothing make me happier than knowing someone is drinking their morning coffee from MY MUG!  I think of function first, then design- the weight, size, handles and how many different ways people hold mugs. I see a lot of mugs out there they look visually pleasing, but I couldn't imagine drinking out of!
 I purchased a digital kiln, so I also do some glass slumping as well.I slump bottles into unique cheese boards. These make easy gifts and conversation pieces.
My work can be found at Midnight Sun in Oswego and on my Etsy shop Scoville's Studio ! And always feel free to talk to me on here about my work! Click on the Etsy link here or the Etsy tab above. 

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