April 17, 2014

PlayColor Solid Poster Paints-I'm in Love!

I had one of those moments. A teacher moment. A slap your forehead moment. A why didn't I do this sooner moment? 

**Play Color Poster Paint Sticks**

I discovered this product at an art conference. In case you haven't figured it out, conferences are the place to go to get the latest and greatest art products.  
Hard at Work!
Jack Richeson makes Play Color and it is available at many of your art retailers! The paint is stored like a glue stick, is mixable, and dries pretty quick. The colors are so vibrant and opaque. They look like crayons or pastels when one layer is applied and like paint when applied with a few layers. You don't need any water to use it either. The paint won't crack or rub off once it is dry. 
I had my kindergartners use these on their life size portraits (for clothes) instead of the usual crayons and paint. I couldn't believe the amazing result from this product. Students were able to layer light color on dark and fill a large surface area without hand cramps! 
Play Color sticks are mixable for about 1 minute before they start to dry. The students don't end up with color on their arms or knees! One big change from previous projects is that the students wanted to use a variety of colors. We all have a few kids that use the same color all the time, this product may help that! My older students were so jealous about this project. They used crayons and walked to lunch at kindergarten art time. They couldn't believe the progress they made while they were at their 30 minute lunch! 
Last year, I bit the bullet I purchased the class pack. As amazing as this product is, it isn't cheap. I am really glad I did and will be ordering another pack and some of their metallics! We went through a lot of black, but I still have quite a bit left and we were working life size!
 If you are on a cart, worried about painting with younger students, work with pre-k or students with needs give this product a shot. You can buy smaller sets and try them out as well.

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*All opinions on Play Color are my own. I was not compensated for this post.

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