July 31, 2014

Google Drive- Getting started with Folders, Uploads and Sharing

Yesterday I convinced you of 10 reasons why you should be using Google Drive. And now you decided to take the leap and open a Google account. Congrats! Let's get started and take a quick tour of the features!

July 30, 2014

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Drive In Your Classroom

On the fence with going to a Google account? Afraid of leaving your old email account? Here are 10 reasons why you should consider the switch to Google.

July 23, 2014

Padlet A Collaborative Workspace for Students

In my blended learning class we got to experiment with Padlet. It is an interactive real time place for students to write responses, ideas and share information. Students do not need an email account to use which is huge for elementary students who often don't have their own emails (or an extra step that simply takes up too much time.)
So here are some examples of a Padlet. I embedded the code from the website (www.padlet.com) where I create them. I have an account and I can modify the document any time I want (and it will change where ever it is linked to). Contributors can only modify their own comments.
Created with Padlet

I really could see this being helpful in the class room to have each class monitor their own progress. 

Created with Padlet
Or students could have an ongoing critique of an artwork. 
I would instruct students to type their name (red) and response below.

Created with Padlet

The formatting is off a bit because of the width of my blog, but returns to normal on my website. 

What type of collaborative tools do you use in your classroom? Do you have another platform that you use?

July 16, 2014

What a Weekend- Artisan Show and Life Recap!

Whew! I survived my first two day art show in Skaneateles, NY! We had beautiful weather and a steady crowd both days. I had spent the past two weeks in my studio prepping, creating, brainstorming, glazing and firing. I am not looking forward to the electricity bill from the 6 firings I did! Check out the post I did on my in progress work. 
Mugs, chip and dip bowls. 

July 7, 2014

Back to School Supply Shopping! Penny Deals are Here!

Ok, I have been on summer vacation  for a week a penny deals are already popping up!?
What are penny deals? Major office supply stores like Staples and Office Max/Office Depot offer amazing deals on back to school supplies. These deals can get you supplies for a penny(or a nickel or a quarter! )With some planning you can get your child's entire supply list taken care of and stock pile your classroom for under $20. Not close to either store? You can bring the ad to the following stores for a price match. Read the policies to make sure you follow the rules! Walmart  Staples(scroll to bottom)  Target

July 4, 2014

Getting Cheap Landscape Supplies!

Ahhh....summer. That time of year when we get outside and realize that something needs to be weeded, planted, mulched, moved or trimmed. I grew up on a dairy farm, enjoy being outside and getting my hands dirty. I don't however enjoy spending money each year on landscaping. On a trip to one of our local home improvement stores, Lowe's, I stumbled onto quite a deal. 
Next time you are checking out mulch, topsoil or gravel look for the bags that are in clear trash bags. These items have been damaged, broke one or lost a  little product and they sell them to you for HALF OFF or $1 a bag! No really! I got several bags for $1 each-gravel and high quality mulch. 
So next time you are shopping for landscaping supplies, keep your eyes peeled for these bags. Depending on the quantity on the floor they may be a $1 or half off. 
Happy Landscaping! 
What is your favorite way to save on landscaping? 

July 3, 2014

Studio day! Getting my Hands Dirty!

After a quick weekend of camping with friends, I came back ready to get in the studio. I have spent the last three days making up for lost time. I received an order for dog bowls on the last day of school and that kick started me. Plus, I have my first two day art show on July 11 and 12th in Skaneateles. I have never done a two day show and have no idea what to expect for sales so I am stocking up and hoping to go home with an empty car! 
 Here is what I have been up to! 

I spent Monday working on my order and some hand building. 

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