July 4, 2014

Getting Cheap Landscape Supplies!

Ahhh....summer. That time of year when we get outside and realize that something needs to be weeded, planted, mulched, moved or trimmed. I grew up on a dairy farm, enjoy being outside and getting my hands dirty. I don't however enjoy spending money each year on landscaping. On a trip to one of our local home improvement stores, Lowe's, I stumbled onto quite a deal. 
Next time you are checking out mulch, topsoil or gravel look for the bags that are in clear trash bags. These items have been damaged, broke one or lost a  little product and they sell them to you for HALF OFF or $1 a bag! No really! I got several bags for $1 each-gravel and high quality mulch. 
So next time you are shopping for landscaping supplies, keep your eyes peeled for these bags. Depending on the quantity on the floor they may be a $1 or half off. 
Happy Landscaping! 
What is your favorite way to save on landscaping? 

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