September 30, 2014

Easy Art Room Jobs and Cleanup!

An art room can't be kept cleaned and organized without getting your students to pitch in. Clean-up can be a time suck if it is not planned, practiced and a routine. I assign art room jobs to help with cleanup.

Each year I make chair labels with colors or shapes. This year each table has a color, each chair has a shape, and each label has a synonym for the table's color. (ELA every way!). Head over to my TpT site to get a copy of your chair labels and job charts for your room!
Shapes are taped on the front and back of chairs using packaging tape.
I use one of my many windows to post jobs. Just put paper behind it and use dry erase markers on top. It's out of the way and visible to all students. I pretty much keep jobs the same- Hearts get and collect projects, circles are on bin duty, triangles get supplies and stars get whatever else if needed. I keep the jobs general so I am not constantly changing the board. I simply announce a shape/job once and they get what they need. If the students are chatty I make the shapes raise their hands before doing a job. This system reduces congestion in areas around the room, at most 6 students will be in one area at a time.
Job Chart- Use dry erase markers on windows! 
I also assign monthly jobs. These are jobs I only need one student to do and are assigned alphabetically. This is a new system this year but the students really enjoy having their very own job. Currently it's paper passer, art room helper, caboose and chair checker. When we start using sinks I will add sink and trash patrol.
Monthly Jobs to help with getting and picking up materials. 
So there it is! An easy to maintain job system that doesn't need to be changed for each class you teach. I have had this system for several years and it works incredibly well! Want this for your room now? Head over to my TeacherPayTeacher account to grab the 13 page job chart and assignment bundle to get this started in your classroom!
Do you assign jobs or have students be in charge of cleaning up their own mess?

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