September 1, 2014

Back to School-Art Room Prep

My school is finally getting AC! Unfortunately this means that the entire school has been undergoing some major construction and teachers were unable to get into there rooms. And if you could get in they often looked like this...
Not much to do here...
I went in today in hopes of getting in and getting some work done. With just two days until students arrive I was getting antsy and my to do list was growing! 

My amazing custodians have been busting it and got my furniture back in place for me which saved me a few hours today.

I put the chairs with tables and made chair labels. This year's labels are shapes-one color per table and 4 shapes per table. I can give each shape a job or call tables by color with these labels. I also added synonyms of the table's color to the shapes to help expand their vocabulary!
 It was time to print off some new classroom rules as well. The old ones were getting faded. 
New Rules!
I'm still waiting for some of my ceiling tiles to be put in. With the new tiles I also got some new lights-what a difference! 
I am probably most excited about these colorful new anti fatigue mats! I snagged these at BJ's earlier this week for $18 for 8. Even better, I will use my Artsonia funds to pay for them! 
I guess I only got a fuzzy picture before I tore the packages open!
I took my old mats from last year and put them in the creative corner in my room. 
Setting up this corner tomorrow! 
With the new AC being installed I have acquired some new display space. Now to figure out what needs to go there!My units are in the ceiling in above the doors!
I also added some new labels to the student supply cabinet. I moved the markers in clear plastic shoe box containers. They fit just right in the formally unused space of the cabinet. I'm going to move the scrap paper to the front of this bin, see more about sorting scraps here
Well that is that. A long afternoon setting this room up and chipping away at the to do list!

What is the first thing you do to get ready for the school day? 

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