September 8, 2014

Starting the School Year in the Art Room!

One of the best things about being the art teacher is that the first day of the school year just picks up where we left off last year. Besides a few new faces each year and a few changes in the art room we really only need to review instead of establishing routines and procedures. 
I decided to start the year off with International Dot Day.  I showed the kids this video of the book being read so they can see and appreciate the illustrations. We discussed the moral of the story The Dot by Peter Reynolds which is just trying and seeing where it takes you!
Students were pretty excited to be able to paint on the first day of art class too! 

This project gave me a chance to reveal the new job chart and material bins on the first day. After years of trying, I have finally opted to have nothing on my tables until the kids need it. No matter how big or small the buckets or how many reminders i give kids can't keep there hands off of buckets, bins, cups, stickers, labels or pencils if they are in front of them. So now I just announce a shape when I need students to get materials or clean up and I will have 6 helpers pitch in.
Job chart-Using dry erase marker on the window.
Art Material Bins are stored up here. Signs were made on in about 3 minutes! 

I updated these boring gray bins with a fresh coat of spray paint!
I picked up most of the spray paint at Real Deals- just $1! 
I am currently 3 days into a 4 day rotation. We are going to finish up our dots on Monday and complete our one day drawing assessments for the remainder of the week. Head over to my TeacherpayTeacher account to get you free copy!

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