September 20, 2014

Fall Projects: Jackson Pollock Paper

Another one of my favorite fall projects is making Jackson Pollock paper with my first graders. We learn about color mixing, warm colors and the artist Jackson Pollock.
I start the project by asking students how they think this artwork was made. Be prepared for really creative answers! I could listen to my students discuss and critique artwork all day, they have the best imaginations!
I then ask them how big they think it is, then show a picture of me next to one of his works.
After a quick demo I let the students paint like Jackson Pollock. I have stations set up around the room. First ,  the roller station. They use these textured sponge rollers and red and yellow paint and paint on a 12x18 paper. I go heavy on the yellow paint and just a bit of red in the trays. Once again, write their names with sharpies and have them flip the paper or not paint their name.

Once done they can visit the squirt station and use eye droppers to squirt paint on their papers. I water down some metallic tempera paint and stick eyedroppers in cups. Mix the paint well and test it before giving it to the students.

Tip**students will use as much paint as you give them, the more you give the more they will use. I would rather refill a station than have students use an excessive amount of paint because it is there. I can't really blame them painting is fun! 
I will put the papers on the drying rack because they are a bit drippy for students to carry.
Now you have this beautiful Pollock Paper! Pictures don't do this paper justice. It is truly gorgeous. I couldn't just leave it like this, I had to make something else with it! Next week I will post part two of this project!

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