September 12, 2014

One of Those Days...

It was one of those days...
My lovely new markers that I have fell in love with (Papermate Flair for the pen nerds out there) are not waterproof. I tested these out and put some water on them and they didn't bleed. 

But after labeling 40 coffee filters which accidentally got wet on the trip to the Pre-K room I found out they weren't. 

I had backup coffee filters so not all was lost. 

And then I went to grab a granola bar from my bag and came out with a handful of glue. I put this glue bottle in my bag and never took it out. Glue everywhere. So I spent my lunch cleaning this mess up.

But the day ended on a good note! Birthday cupcakes! I love when the kiddos bring me a treat! I was in the midst of eating an apple so this made for an ironic photo op.
TGIF. (and payday)

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