July 22, 2015

Mid July Update!

Well July is almost over and I feel like it has been a whirlwind of a month. Vacation is not so much a vacation as it is a time to catch up and get ahead. I have really been trying to get on here and post some project overviews but I have been bogged down with a million things. Let me explain.

In case you missed it....
We are expecting our first in the middle of January. Today marks what could possibly be my 3rd day in a row without morning sickness. It has been a long and trying first trimester. I am 15 weeks and 2 days today. We have our 16 week appointment next Monday to see Baby G again. So on top of all that excitement we are working on our baby registry and feeling completely overwhelmed by all the options out there.  I am also cleaning out a room/closet a day to prepare for a yard sale this weekend. Nesting anyone? 

If you follow me on Instagram  you may have seen my wet art shows I did earlier this month. I did two day shows at  Varick Winery and the Skaneateles Antiques and Art Show and the rain joined us.  
It was pretty cold sitting in my tent. It got so bad the coordinator at the winery that the coordinator said we could pack up two hours early.
Everything was wet. My tablecloths were soaked. Fortunately my work is waterproof.
While it didn't rain at Skaneateles, it poured the day before the show began. I had the luck of being next to a tree, which provided additional shade but didn't help my booth dry out. I resorted to breaking down boxes to make a cardboard rug. 
After all of that, my husband and I ventured to Taughannock Falls for an anniversary hike and dinner.
I found my vegetables in my garden after some intense weeding. I grow more weeds than veggies. I view this approach to gardening as organic gardening. 
I multitasked and spent some time in the studio and attended 6 hours of the Art of Ed Summer Online Conference last Thursday. Lots of amazing presentations and information. Perfect timing for back to school plans. 
Yesterday I finished up my first of three online classes I am taking from Learner's Edge. The course work is at your own pace and pretty rigorous. If you are looking for some PD on your time, check out Learner's Edge. The prices are very reasonable and they have quite a selection of courses! 
Up Next...I am teaching my second paint and sip night!! 

So there you have it. My first 3.5 weeks of summer vacation. Whew. I'm tired just recapping it.

July 9, 2015

Exciting News From Creative Corner!!

It's been a long (almost) 14 weeks but I can finally spill the beans!! 
Creative Corner is expecting! 
Baby Gorham is expected to arrive in the middle of January and hopefully not in the middle of  a snowstorm! 
This is our first baby and we shared the news with some of my custom ceramic mugs. 
We told all our families on July 4th, and then revealed to the world that night! It was such a huge relief! Hopefully this explains the sporadic posts on my end! 

July 8, 2015

In the Art Room...#21 - Final Days!

So I had this post already to go and never published it! Bah! End of the year brain. 
Let me try again! 
I had my final full day with kids on Friday. I had this countdown on my desk since May to keep track of how many days I had left with my kids. We all know that the end of the year assemblies, ceremonies, picnics and field trips and mess with our anticipated days we have left. 

July 7, 2015

50 Boredom Busters for Kids!

We are few weeks into summer vacation here and if you have kids you may already be running out of entertainment ideas or patience. Have no fear-50 Boredom Busters for Kids are Here! I bringing  back this post for last summer for parents who may be losing their mind already! 

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