July 7, 2015

50 Boredom Busters for Kids!

We are few weeks into summer vacation here and if you have kids you may already be running out of entertainment ideas or patience. Have no fear-50 Boredom Busters for Kids are Here! I bringing  back this post for last summer for parents who may be losing their mind already! 

At the end of the school year when I passed back students work I included this  "How Not be Bored this Summer" handout. I had several students excited for this new challenge and I can't wait for the results this fall. I told them that these are drawing prompts just like they may have seen writing prompts in class this year. But we all know drawing is a lot more fun that writing =) . I made sure that drawing challenges only required a pencil and paper since many students may not have access to other drawing supplies. However, add other supplies to keep them busy longer! 
 Here is the list or if you would like the printable version click here!  
*Please feel free to use and share this grand idea but please don't copy and claim as your own!*

50 Ways to Not be Bored This Summer!
Summer Drawing Challenge!
All you need is a pencil and paper.
 Challenge yourself to complete all the drawings this summer. 
1- Design a CD cover for your favorite band.

2- Draw your dream house.

3- Using a pencil make as many different grays as you can

4- Draw yourself at 16 years old.

5- Draw yourself at 40 years old.

6- Draw yourself at 80 years old.

7- What is the silliest thing you have ever seen?

8- Create the messiest room.

9- Draw something orange.

10-If you could fly what would you see?

11- What does it look like in outer space?

12- Draw something with wings.

13- Make a scene from your favorite movie.

14- Draw something that is a triangle.

15- Make a scene from your favorite book.

16- Draw something with wheels.

17- Draw something that floats.

18- Draw something blue.

19- If you were an ant what would you see?

20- We have visitors from outer space. What did they arrive in?

21- You are a bird, what do you see?

22- While scuba diving you made a startling discovery…what was it?

23- A day in the life of a bug.

24- If you could cast a spell what would it be? Draw it in action!

25- Draw something purple.

26- Create a flying machine.

27- Create the ultimate video game character (new characters only!)

28- Head outside and find an interesting leaf or branch. Draw it with lots of details.

29- You have been given permission to design a new bedroom for yourself, what does it look like?

30- If you could be anywhere this summer where would you be?

31- Draw your favorite animal and its habitat.

32- What was your best memory from school this year?

33- Doodle away and make a Zentangle! A zentangle is a black white doodle that is made up of repeating lines, shapes and designs.

34- Draw something red.

35- You are in a cave, what do you see?

36- Draw something that is square.

37- Design and name a rollercoaster.

38- Invent something.

39- Create a one of a kind creature and give it a name.

40- You are out having ice cream and can order whatever you want! What does your sundae look like?

41- Draw your favorite food to eat in the summer!

42- You are in the jungle, what do you see?

43- If you had a superpower what would it be? Draw a picture of you using your superpower.

44- Draw something yellow.

45- Design your dream playground.

46- Design your dream vehicle.

47- You are swimming underwater, what do you see?

48- Create a piece of clothing that can do something else (besides be worn)

49- Invent a new toy.

50- You are on a tropical island, what do you see and do?

And you're welcome =) 

How to you keep your children busy in the summer?


  1. Great ideas!! I've got two 3-year-olds at home. I actually went to Walmart the other day and bought a bag of $1 practice golf balls (the ones with the holes) and a .50 bag of pipe cleaners and had my twins practice lacing the pipe cleaners through the balls. They had an absolute blast!

    1. Pipe cleaners are awesome! When they hit 4 and with supervision give them pony beads to string onto pipe cleaners. You can make these into ornaments (think pumpkins, candy canes, hearts, shamrocks).


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