November 1, 2014

Halloween Shenanigans Inspired by Pop Art

Well the longest week for teachers came and went. A holiday centered around costumes, candy and a building full of 4 through 11 year olds can turn dreadfully awful for teachers if not handled properly.
Yeah, you might have a few hyped up kids of your own after Friday night, but we had 350 of them. And no one is absent on Halloween! 

After perusing through yesterday's Facebook posts it appears that we are one of the few schools that still celebrate Halloween. Granted some teachers may call it a fall celebration but are students still dress up, eat snacks and parade around the school. And they still come to specials.  
This was by far one of the best behaved Halloweens I've been through as well as one of the most celebrated I think I have seen as well. 
I even got into the spirit with this costume .
Inspired by Roy Lichenstein's Drown Girl 
I scored the dot dress for $20 on clearance at Target, it even has pockets*bonus*!  I sprayed by hair blue with some blue hair paint, made dots using the cheap red face paint and the sponge dabber that it came with. The black lines were from liquid black eyeliner or face paint. Pearls were a gift from the husband several years ago (his name is also Brad, my reason for choosing this particular painting). The sign is attached to a headband with a pipe cleaner. So for $23 I made this costume and I have a cute dot dress I can wear again. 
And don't worry, the students don't get off easy because it is Halloween. Life continues as normal in the art room. We played a quick Guess Who Mrs. Gorham Is? and continued on with our non-Halloween projects. Guesses included chicken pox, rash, dot day and a few comic book artists (yeah!). 
Beautiful marbled paper created by 2nd graders on a sugar crash. 
Dracula beginning his Cake Boss research. 
Dead Prom Queen finishing her Picasso portrait. =)
And it wouldn't be Halloween without a field trip! Yes, a field trip!! The kindergartners and several helpful hands walked over to Friendly's to see their pumpkin projects and have some ice cream!

I then met my husband at his brother's house, where my main objective was getting there without running over trick or treaters. Seriously. Lots of bad choices being made my parents on Halloween-crossing in the middle of the street, parking on the wrong side of the road, no flashlights or reflective clothing, knocking on dark porches just to name a few. After that obstacle course I was glad to arrive and enjoy some of these crafty chocolate cupcakes that I whipped up.  I made the tombstones out of Oreos (cut the sides off), and used a mold and white chocolate to make the other graveyard decorations. And they were delicious.

How did your Halloween go? Did you celebrate or not?

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