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I teach elementary along the shores of Lake Ontario. Every 4 days I teach 375+ Pre-k through Sixth grade students. I started teaching at the high school in my district in 2006 and moved to the elementary in 2008 and love it there!
   I am so fortunate to have an amazing classroom that I could only describe as an art teacher's dream. I have plenty of storage, space, sinks and technology which makes teaching easier. After a few years of trials and errors I will be sharing my successes and misses with you!
In the Art Room 
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Art Room Problems- We all have them, see how I solve them 


Free Frames! 

Projects and Materials


Professional Development! 


Technology in the Art Room 



Artsonia- Check out my student work at our student gallery

Visiting Artist-If you are in the northeast check this guy out!

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