January 24, 2015

In the Art Room...#2 Clay, Hearts, and Catching Up

It was a short and sweet week in the art room. But we were busy getting into clay and Valentine's projects!

And no delays or snow days this week!
Kindergartners are working on their tracing skills. 
Kindergarten students are using positive and negative stencils, 9x12 paper and sharpies to build their tracing skills. They really go into this and loved putting hearts inside of hearts! While they trace hearts I trace them! I use this time to multitask and make them be stencils for their next project Life Size Self Portraits. 

First graders making symmetrical hearts.
First graders are practicing making their own hearts on 9x12 manila. Once they are independent (I made this their word of the week), they will get pink construction paper. Oh, and they got art homework too. I sent them home with 4x6 paper to practice hearts independently. I have got quite a few back!
2nd grad slab making
Second graders are on day two of their slab box project. The day's goal was to make three more squares. We use old pencils to make them the correct thickness (as thick as a pencil). The 6x18 manila paper is placed between the slabs when they are stored so they don't stick together. 
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Third and fourth graders are wrapping up their Kirigami projects and Cake Boss Cakes. 
Kirigami Snowflake Banners
Third graders are mastering kirigami (yes, that snowflake making is actually an ancient Japanese art of folding and cutting). We focused on composition and movement and rearranged snowflakes until we were please with the layout. And it wouldn't be a winter project without a little glitter. 
Clay Looms
Third graders came down for an extra long art class to make their clay looms. It is amazing how much can get done when you don't need to spend a big portion of class demonstrating and cleaning up! And I stuck them in the kiln as they finished and let these fragile guys dry in there. Then realized I was running out of space and got creative with my kiln posts to squeeze the rest in! 
5th grade Whistles
My 5th graders are stoked to be starting their ocarinas. This is one heck of a challenging project but the smile on a kid's face when their whistle works for the first time is priceless. 

No pictures of sixth grade this week. We are finishing up our fall projects-perspective drawings and portraits. 

It's report card time too. I will be spending the weekend grading and putting grades into our system. And coffee...lots of coffee.

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