January 7, 2015

Birthday Weekend!

Yes!!! It's my birthday weekend! I do celebrate my birthday for as long as possible.
 1- Because winter birthdays suck.
2-It is too close to the Christmas and New Year's
3- The weather is unpredictable and I need several back up days just in case.
4- It was on a Saturday! I didn't have to go back to school on my birthday!

I had some friends meet me at my favorite local watering hole on Friday night (birthday eve) for drinks and snacks. I was so surprised at how many people turned out for my last minute invite. My parents even drove down an hour and half to see me! This was a good thing because a slush/sleet/ice storm was predicted for my actual birthday (no big surprise weather does this on my birthday, last year I got a snow day!)
Custom made birthday earrings from the HUBBY!
On birthday morning, the husband got up and made me a killer breakfast. After several cups of coffee, water and maybe an aspirin, we decided to venture out to Destiny USA (formally Carousel and still Carousel to the locals) to catch a movie and dinner. Dinner turned into munchies at Dave and Buster's because of a sleet/ice storm that was hovering over CNY. And munchies ended up filling us up until we had ice cream later that night.
Of course he would win a jackpot...

We gave our prizes to Libby, she loves Pig-Cow.
Did I mention I started a strict budget for 2015? Well I did, and it's awesome. And to help stay in budget I got this local Save Around coupon book to help.

Anyways with the help of that coupon book we managed to
See a movie at Regal for $7 (free birthday pass, $2 off hubby's ticket)
Get a free birthday drink at Starbucks (with their app)
Get a free appetizer at Dave and Buster's
Get $20 of free game play at Dave and Buster's.
Pretty sweet savings if you ask me!
And it wouldn't be a birthday without a snow storm and a snow day! We got nailed with another storm Sunday night and all day Monday. I ended up snowblowing twice and the snow was even too deep for Libby.

How do you spend your birthday? With close family, friends or a big party? And who is with me on moving winter birthdays to the summer?

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