January 2, 2015

Stop Spoiling Supplies! Use Supply Dates!

Remember this cute quote from a while back? Well I think rotten paint was to blame.
Not so cute anymore huh? 

My art supplies are pouring in and it's like Christmas around here! I'm getting a lot of new supplies and figuring out where to stash it all. Along with sorting new supplies I have taken to dating my liquid supplies and organizing them on the shelf from oldest to newest.
I've been doing this for a few years now and I am finally using up lots of the old non-dated supplies. Hence still using the stinky paint. Once I use up my old supplies, this rotation system will keep track of when you got your supplies and prevent them from going bad and getting stinky. 
Just a handy tip for keeping your glaze, paints, glue, mod podge from going bad!!
How do you keep your supplies in order?

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