December 27, 2014

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Whew! I survived December! It has been a hectic month over here. As soon as I got back from the NYSATA conference I was busy working on stocking my Etsy Shop and Midnight Sun in Oswego. A new custom mug design brought in a ton of extra orders and kept me busy most nights of the week.
I fired two loads of wares this month! I was able to keep my inventory full in both shops too!

Everyone received their orders in time for the holidays, even if that meant I was standing at the Post Office counter at noon right before it closed on the busiest shipping day of the year! 
I even had some time to bake this month! (Everything gets put on hold-cleaning, cooking, the gym during this season!) 
I made delicious mint Oreo balls and a cinnamon tea ring (recipes from 
Now it is time for a holiday detox and catching up on life. We are having spring weather here which got me and pup out for a run yesterday, my husband and I to the gym and a walk to the park with Libby today! 
But the holidays wouldn't have been complete with some kind of epic event... 
This happened at 3 am Christmas morning during a windstorm. A branch made its way into my husbands car. 


So that sums up my month! How was your holiday? Hectic or stress free? 

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