January 17, 2015

In the Art Room...#1

Let's see if I can do a weekly round up of what's going on the art room shall we? If you don't follow me on Facebook or Instagram (which you should) it's basically what you are missing out on. So expect lots of pictures!
I even made a fancy graphic. I am getting serious over here.
Kindergarten, first and second grade projects this week!
First, we almost made it a whole week this week, with a two hour delay on Friday. Last week we had a snow day, two hour delay, two hour delay, snow day and a full day on Friday. While that may sound amazing to some people, it is a planning nightmare for teachers. I am so glad for Planbook.com.  to help make edits to my lessons.
Making tints with first grade. 
First graders are learning about color mixing this week. Using temperas on black paper, we added white to the paint to make it lighter to see how many reds/pinks and blues/purples we could make. I love how they all look together on the tables!
Kindergartners finishing up their VanGogh Landscapes! 
To go along with the kindergartners curriculum we make evergreen trees. But first we made VanGogh paper with texture. That became squares which they cut into triangles. Triangles were stacked, white paper was torn, and viola! Instant (not so instant) landscape! But I couldn't stop there. I decided to teach these little guys how to make animals and now these projects are just adorable. We did add some some glitter dots to the sky to finish them too. We watched VanGogh and Winter videos on brainpopjr.com.
I don't know who is more excited, me or the second graders! We started our clay slab boxes this week. Most of the class is spent going over rules, expectations and demo on how to make the slabs, but they still get to make one square (out of the 5 needed) for their boxes. We even squeezed in a Google Form on the iPads to test their vocab and listening skills. =)

And next time someone asks me why we need art, I will just let them know that they can't win Trivia Crack without it. This is from a former high school studio art student I had 8 years ago !

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