May 20, 2014

Round 1-Materials I Can't Live Without-Clothespins!

I am pretty sure if someone asked me what I couldn't live without in my art room, it wouldn't even be an art material! I recently realized my absolute reliance on these simple products that are now on my must have supply list each year. Here are some ideas for some items to add to your list this year (including wish lists!)
Have you ever seen a young child operate a paper clip? Seriously, try it some time.

In 40 minutes, there are just times that what we cut doesn't get glued, but we don't want it to get lost. And we can't waste time trying to use paperclips or rush and make a glue mess. What is one to do? I don't want to deal with the bulk of giving each child a folder so clothespins for me! I had about 50 my first year and as soon as I realized their potential I went out an bought more of these cheap wonders! They currently occupy two drawers of my rainbow cart. They are currently together 5th graders Op Art unit projects, notan squaes and 2nd grade Van Gogh Flowers.

Love my rainbow cart and my clothespins! 

So if you are looking for a cheap and kid friendly solution for holding things together add these to your order this year. Better yet, put it on your wishlist and send that list home with parents and get some for nothing!

What materials can't you live without?

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