May 6, 2014

Awesome Simple Free Design Website~Canva!

Have you ever looked at a blog and wonder who has the time or talent to make all those amazing graphics and photos? I know I don't! Being someone who has dabbled in Photoshop and Illustrator I know how time consuming those projects can be!
New Facebook header for our Art Teacher Association
Now and days there is an app or a website for just about everything and I was introduced to Canva just the other day. This awesome website can help you create graphics, presentations, posters, Facebook headers and more! With a few clicks you can get a custom image without the headache of finding fonts, colors, backgrounds, frames and shapes that all coordinate together and are free.

New Facebook header for my blog page! 
I see this being a great introduction to graphic design for my students, focusing on the importance of font, size, and colors. I am going to have a few of my advanced students work with it to see what they come up with and any possible glitches we may encounter.
There are also tons of images to search and add to your project, some you have to pay for, but there are some free ones to choose from as well. I see myself using this site to create stunning graphics for my blog and for school! Stay Tuned!

What is your favorite design site or app? Let me know!

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