May 23, 2014

Memorial Day Deals!

It's our last long weekend before summer vacation! Our town has a parade that comes right up our street and I spent the first day of this weekend preparing for it. This means lots of dreaded errand running. I had to make stops at 5 stores...ugh. But the stores are within a mile of each other and the savings is worth it. I found some deals and decided to share them with you!
My first stop was BJ's. Our membership expires at the end of the month and I am not sure if I want to renew it. I decided to stock up on essentials like our favorite brews, coffee, peanut butter, ziptop bags, fill up the propane tank and top off the gas tank. I called around a few local places and found that BJ's has the best price at $11.99 for a 20 gallon tank fill! 

Stop 2 was getting a new pair of running sneakers. I was in desperate need of a new pair and had been putting it off because my favorite style of Asics had been discontinued. This meant I actually had to try on shoes, walk around, hop, jump, and 'test' out a new sneakers. I ended up sticking with Asics and suffered a bout of sticker shock at the cost. I can't really argue about the price because great sneakers make me feel better and run better. If I by cheap shoes my body aches and moans, welcome to 30 I guess. So I made the best of this situation by using a SaveAround $20 off $100 purchase coupon to my local sports store. SaveAround is a coupon book that is often used as fundraisers for organizations. I bought one from a teacher at school for $20 and use several of the coupons in there at resturants, for entertainment and shopping. 

The best deal and inspiration for this post is the deal I found at Lowe's. I stopped by to grab some lilies and gravel. These beautiful lilies were on sale and since I can keep them alive a good investment. They are perennials and will come back and get bigger each year! Plus, I had gift cards left over from my wedding so I consider this trip a freebie =) 
I can't believe this deal!
I headed over to the gravel and an employee told me that any gravel and mulch in garbage bags are only $1!!! What?! These usually run $4-$6 depending on brand and style so this is a huge savings! I grabbed 5 bags of various stones and 2 bags of Scott's mulch (the same color I already use-perfect!). I have bought some plants on clearance but didn't realize the bagged up landscape supplies would be cheaper because they accidentally broke open! I'm just going to rip them open anyways! I going to keep my eyes open in the future.
I made a quick stop at Price Chopper to use some doublers and got 2 bags of Tositos, large jar of salsa and my fave caesar dressing for $4.50. Then a stop by Aldi's to grab a head of lettuce and buns for our BBQ tomorrow after the parade! 
Whew-so that was my afternoon! What are your plans this weekend? 

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