May 25, 2014

How to Pay LESS for Good Sneakers!

I like to run. I don't like paying a lot for running gear. So I have found a few ways to save money on gear and earn cash and rewards for working out. Here's my story. =) 

I finally had to break down and buy a new pair of sneakers. I have been dreading this purchase since my favorite sneakers from Asics have been discontinued and would have to try on several pairs of sneakers to find the right fit. I have been checking the ads every week and knew I was going to spend $100 on a good pair of shoes. Eek. I'm not a name brand snob but I know a $40 pair of shoes won't cut it. So I have found ways to make this hurt a little bit less.

PactApp (formally GymPact)- Did you know you can earn money for working out and eating veggies? Every Sunday you commit to working out so many days for the upcoming week, eating so many fruits and veggies and/or using a food log. You can track your workouts by checking into a gym, using your phone's motion tracker or partner apps and workouts need to be 30 minutes. You can also snap photos of fruits and veggies, upload them and the Pact community approves or denies them. Another way to earn is with a food log I personally don't use this option. I use Runkeeper, the apps motion tracker and check in when I go to the gym. So how does this work? You make a pact to workout/eat veggies and fruit/food log and if you miss a day you owe them at least $5. You can adjust from week to week but once you commit you can't change your pact. You can report medical issues if needed though. Interested? Click here to start an account with Pact. Use the code GymPact$5 and get $5 added to your account and get a head start! 

Getting ready to try these beauties out! 

Earndit is a another way to earn points for exercising. You can link several exercise apps (including foursquare) to track your fitness. Every time you workout through your exercise app it will automatically link to your Earndit account earning you points! Points can be redeem for big discounts on clothing, shoes, gear and nutrition items. You can also donate your points for charity. I link Runkeeper and Foursquare to this account. I have earnd a Bulubox, Naturebox, Klutch Club,  Dream Water and donated some points to Petfinder. Click here and get a headstart with 50 points on Earndit! This is a referral link, I will get points when you sign up! 

Yes, you can coupon your way to a cheap pair of shoes! I bought my shoes at Dick's. They have a store reward card, often have coupons in the paper and in my SaveAround book. SaveAround is a local coupon book that is used as a fundraiser for local organizations. I bought one from a teacher at work. I had a $20 off $100 purchase. I ended up with a $120 pair of shoes for $95 after sales and my coupon.

Here's the break down of how I paid $15 for my sneakers. 
Not too bad for about 1 minute of couponing and working out anyways! I don't buy shoes online but that could have been an option as well if you wanted! 
I find Pact really motivating! I set it for 3-4 days a week and it gets me moving! 

How much did you spend on your last pair of running shoes? What apps do you use to track your fitness? 


  1. You are a shopping inspiration. Love, love it! Hope the running shoes are great!

    1. Thanks! Running shoes are great-not helping me run faster though....:/


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