May 30, 2014

You Got Mail! Student Gifts

Today was a different story though. I checked my mailbox bright and early and this amazing postcard was in it!

This was from one of my first graders! His parents took him to NYC over Memorial Day weekend. I spoke with his parents at conferences and they told me about the trip. They also were very impressed with the artists their son was learning and able to speak about! (Fist pump!) I suggested the MOMA because it can be visited in an afternoon and 'G' would recognize some of the art there. We learned about Jackson Pollock in the fall, made this amazing paper which transformed into these beautiful books

Needless to say I was beyond excited that they thought of me on their trip! One of those proud teacher moments and I will be putting a copy in my student gift binder (the real thing will be hung on my fridge). 

In other Friday news one of my 3rd graders came to me with an elaborate sketch that he wanted to make in clay. He even drew the front and back view! We spent a few mornings this week working on his creation and we plan on firing it next week. Got to love his motivation! 
Do you have a student gift binder or list of quotes from them? I swear I could write a book with mine! 

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