June 5, 2014

Be a Team Player...

As a special area teacher I feel like we are often asked a lot of favors by other teachers and administrators. I also try to be a people pleaser (most of the time)  and say yes to my fair share of favors. They often work to my advantage but at the end of the day I am pooped. Well today was one of those days.

To begin I had a teacher nightmare and woke up at 5 AM. If you are a teacher you are well aware of this phenomenon and they generally happen when you are stressed out about work. This particular one was about me standing in line at the nurse's office waiting to get my head checked for lice. Ew. I couldn't fall back asleep and was driving to work when my alarm went off.

Granted, I got a lot of work done until my principal came in and asked me to take a first grade class because we were short on subs. Being the end of the year I can use all the extra time I can get with my students so I took them. I stopped grading and commenting on student work and prepped for this class instead.
It was also our district track meet, not all students go, so teachers offer up students to come and help out. I didn't need help, but students on the volunteer list owed me work so I invited them down. Add 5-7 extra students to the day.
AND its a data meeting day so I cover an additional class at the end of the day.
AND my 3rd graders came back from a field trip and came to art class 10 minutes later (and I had them an extra 40 minutes because of that data meeting)
AND a parent came to with that class because she went on the field trip with her daughter that was in that class.
SO I stopped by my favorite beverage store (saw a student from that 3rd grade class on the sidewalk)
AND still managed to talk myself in going to gym and getting a really good workout in.

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