March 31, 2014

Visiting Artist! Face Painting and Folklore with Christopher Agostino!

This past Friday we had an amazing visiting artist to our school, Christopher Agostino from Agostino Arts
Telling a story about the sun, moon and ocean. 
Christopher is storyteller and face painter. He tells amazing folklore and life stories all while painting the faces of volunteers (who turn in a permission slip). The experience is absolutely amazing and completely captures the students' imaginations. I was able to attend both performances- Pre-K through 2nd  and 3rd-6th. 
His visit was funded through our Arts In Education program that brings artists, performers and authors to our school. We chose the Storyteller program for our students. Our students were so entranced by his stories and waiting to see what the students faces turned in to. Christopher also has a great repertoire with students, he handles behaviors well and gently reminds students to sit on their bottoms, look at him when he picks volunteers and when to bring the noise level back down. The students would get very excited when he came off the stage to pick volunteers.
A simple set-up with outstanding results! 
All in all it was an amazing performance and I would highly recommend him as a visiting artist. I had several teachers complementing me on my arts-in-ed pick this year! 
Christopher has a variety of programs including classroom presentations. He is located in NYC and will visit the tri-state area. He had a 5-6 hour drive to visit our school and he performed at another elementary school in our district the day before. Check out more at Agostino Arts  and his book Transformations! I have about 100+ photos of day- I will share more soon! 

A few of our students-a fish and octopus! 
Have you had an amazing Arts-in-Ed performer? Please share!

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