March 3, 2014

Dealing with the Snow-Giant Snowman Making!

Just a 30 foot snowman...
For the past 6 years or so my father has spent a day each winter dealing with the snow the best way he knows how...get creative with it and building a HUGE snowman! Our snowman lives in Champion, NY which is known to get a bit of lake effect each winter. Every year my father waits for a giant snow storm to drop a foot or two of snow in the area. He gathers his friends together, lots of heavy machinery and builds a 30 foot plus snowman in less than 24 hours! I have participated in the action and it is quite the undertaking. There are people hauling snow from fields, loaders and snow blowers pushing the snow in the elevators to the people who pack the snow in the snow man. There are people in the shop making the hat and snowman accessories. My dad uses old racing tires, traffic cones and the wall of an above ground pool for the hat and to help make the snowman. We call him B.A. Snowman and you can check out his Facebook page for more info. B.A.'s Facebook
My father also puts his spectacle to good use. People who stop by can donate canned goods in the bottom tire and they will be donated to local food pantries. He is currently up to 200 pounds of food this year!

Snowman in the making -2013
B.A. was also on TLC's Extreme Christmas this year! 
B.A. Captured by SnowCamTV
My students always look forward to seeing the videos and pictures of B.A.! I show them a bunch of ways to make snow art and encourage them to get outside and play!  I show them clips and pictures of Simon Beck's gorgeous snow art and the Saranac Lake Ice Castle time-lapse video along with my dad's snowman.

If you live in Northern NY consider making a trip to see it!
How have you been dealing with the snow? (Seriously, this is the longest winter ever...) 

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