February 28, 2014

Simple Watercolor Organization

I use watercolors a few times a year and am currently favoring them over acrylics for their easy cleanup. Here are a few ways I keep my my watercolors organized for easy access and re-ordering. 
I splurged a few years ago and ordered a few sets of Prang Glitter and Metallics for some special sparkle in projects. I prefer the metallics, they have a smaller glitter in them and add a gentle sparkly sheen once dry. The glitter, while it looks nice in the container, does not end up very glittery on paper. As my students discovered, most of the glitter ends up in the water cup.
I store my watercolors in a cupboard and since I ordered all Prang watercolors (plain, glitter and metallic) they all look the same once in the cupboard. I solved this problem by putting a G or M on both ends. 

Glitter  and Metallics stored in the cupboard

When I first moved into my art room, I had so much stuff to weed through but I always thought twice before throwing out any type of storage container. These wonderful lidded Cottonelle containers were placed in the 'keep' pile. I keep anything I have more than 10 of and can stack and store easily. I put them to use storing my Prang watercolor refills(and some squares). The refills were currently just in the plain boxes they came in, hard to see how much you have and to access. I labeled every side with the color that it holds and refill watercolors as needed. I can also easily see when I need to order another box of refills. 
For the little time it takes to pop out an empty watercolor and replace it, ordering refills is definitely a money saver and I highly recommend it. We all know that colors don't get used up equally, so why pay for the colors you don't use? I am pretty sure the Prang oval refills work with most non-Prang brand watercolor containers as well. 

Refills stashed in the watercolor (and free paint samples) cupboard! 
So easy!!

I would prefer clear containers when it comes to ordering, but these were free!

How to you organize your watercolors? Do you use liquids, containers or refills? 

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