February 9, 2014

Art Room Celebration!

A few times a year we have a PBIS celebration for our students. To explain, PBIS is a positive behavior system we have in place for our school, the celebration is part of this. Faculty offer activities for the students in 50 minute sessions or a double session. 

 This past Friday we had a half day and spent the morning celebrating our students who are respectful, responsible, problem solver and in self control. After each celebration, the students fill out a survey of what they would like, I am proud to brag state that students put in the most requests for more time in the art room! 
1st grader-Adrianna, got the hang of weaving, before our spring weaving project!
Since I am the one who does all the scheduling for this event as my professional duty, I can offer my activities to any grade level. This time I was brave and offered my students painting and supply cabinet raid for first through 4th graders. I had supplies from the previous art teacher, things I have picked up at conferences and weren't enough to teach a whole grade level a project.
I had a blast from the past with the potholder looms and Perler fuse beads! I remember making these as a kid and they are still a hit with the kids today!

A 2nd grader joined me for lunch to finish her potholder!
Fuse beads-Oh my they can be messy, but they were so focused!

Tried out my new paper drill- we made sketchbooks with my abundance of manila paper!

It wouldn't be a celebration without painting. I get out the tempera cakes and more manila paper. Students also got out my legos and blocks to play with.

The best part about the day was watching all these students interact and help each other. You wouldn't have known there were 25+ students in my room working on 6 different projects at once. The last group helped clean up and you wouldn't have even known they were there. It makes all the art room routines and rules worth the effort and time it takes to establish them.
I would show the video I shot, but of course every student wanted to get some camera time and started being goofy!  

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