February 16, 2014

Visiting Artist and Cake Boss Project!

My 4th graders have been spending the past month working on their cake boss project. Students had to 'interview' a famous artist and design a cake for the artist's upcoming birthday. Students learned how to create cylinders, add depth by placing cake on a table and making a background and creating wax resist with oil pastels and watercolors.
We also looked at Wayne Thiebaud and Buddy Valastros from Cake Boss. We drew inspiration from their artwork and used a sorting game reinforce their particular styles.

We used the Mike Venzia Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists Series for our research and a client interview form. Click here to download a FREE copy of the biography handout!
For all the handouts for this project visit my teacher pay teacher store:
Click here to get the cake boss interview form, sorting game, how to make a cylinder guide, and biography handout.

As a special treat I invited a local baker, Melissa Fitzgerald, from Cupcakes Unlimited, to share her business and expertise with my students. She showed the students how to make filled cupcakes, how to pipe frosting and decorate. She talked about her business and  answered questions from the students. Students were then given a box with frosting filled bags, food coloring, plates and knives. As a table, they agreed on two colors of frosting to make and mixed food coloring by sealing the ziploc bag and smooshing the frosting and dye around. I had the color wheel up in case but being in 4th grade they know how to do this. I snipped off the corners of the bag when they were ready and they began decorating. The students really enjoyed themselves and had so much self control! The cupcakes were stored in the art room until lunch, and then enjoyed by all!
S'mores Cupcake Demo!

Time to decorate-piping bags, food coloring, and lots of toppings.

They loved the chocolate chips!

Syracuse themed Cupcake!
Have you ever made edible art in the art room? What is holding you back?

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