February 3, 2014

Halfway There! 15 Minute Portrait Assessments!

As much as I dread putting in grades and comments for my students, it does mean we are halfway through the school year! And its time for some of my Mid Year Assessment.

When I first began teaching I wanted to quickly assess my students abilities and learn a bit about what they like, what they did this summer and what their family situation is like. I used manila paper (eek) and had the students draw a picture of them and their family and write a few sentences describing what they were doing.
This system has evolved into my one day drawing activity. I do this project twice a year with 3rd-6th graders and three times a year with my Pre-K-2nd graders. My little guys are doing their mid year assessment this week and next. I asses their ability to draw people, from scribbles to bodies with torso with limbs.
This one day drawing activity is available for FREE in my TeacherPayTeacher account!
Get the one day drawing activity sheet here! 
I also have a rubric available that I use with this that allows me to track their progress over the year. And we know how much administration loves DATA! Get the rubric here!
A couple tips:
1- Have them draw with pens or sharpies. I find that students may be memerized by an eraser and can  spend the entire class drawing and erasing. 
2-I limit the activity to about 15 minutes. Students tend get bored, fill up the paper  and get the scribbles after 15 minutes. I spend the remainder of class doing a 'catch-up' day and passing back artwork.
3-I scribe for kindergartners and some 1st graders, everyone else writes! This is a great way to hit some of the CCLS for Writing and Speaking & Listening!
Check out my kindergartners September drawings!
Another great thing about this assessment is that you  can scan the drawings in the copier and keep a set for yourself and give students back a copy!
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How do you assess your students? Are you required to?

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