February 14, 2015

In the Art Room...#5- Sick Days, Snow Days and No Days

Well, this is going to be a short and sweet post. I got sick this week and that threw a wrench into my plans. And then we had a no day and a snow day... more on that in a minute...but I promised a weekly recap so let's try it anyways!

Monday was good. I was feeling a cold coming on, but nothing that I thought some sleep and tea wouldn't fix. I thought I had time to take some pictures for the week. That day's group worked on their portraits(6th), finished their whistles(5th), finished heart weavings (1st see that project here), and worked on slab boxes (2nd).

Tuesday wasn't so good. I got to school and needed to make it to the end of the day when I had my 2nd graders who were working on clay. I had a pounding headache and put in for a sub the next day. My 4th graders worked on their Haring Shake drawings and 3rd graders began their clay looms and finished their zentangles heart hands.
At lunch I felt awful, I knew I couldn't do it. I couldn't teach three classes (K,1,2) and cover a 6th grade class at the end of the day. I made a trip to the office and put in my SOS for a sub. I pulled out my back up plans and had the students do a 15 minute portrait skill assessment . This was also the plans for the following day since I never know who I will get for a sub. I had planned for the 6th graders to start their Greek Pottery research, but those plans fell through (left my plans in my mailbox, the sub never got the message or the plans, she did well regardless!) 

I got home, took some medicine and after a few doses felt somewhat functional. I slept a lot and by Wednesday afternoon I had kicked (for the most part) whatever germiness I had.  Also, my new iPhone was delivered so I got to play with that. I have photos trapped on my old phone still (that refuses to connect to my home wifi and my laptop, but works fine on my school computer and wifi...).

I came back Thursday, found a pile of interesting one day drawings and an early Valentine which I ate immediately. 
FYI-Skittles are my favorite candy.
Thursday was also a no day. This means the students report to the gym and there is no art or music. This is how we get all the students in one grade level together. Today we were celebrating Healthy Heart Month by Jump Rope for Heart, a school wide activity endorsed by the American Heart Association. So I spent the day in the gym doing all kinds of jumping.
Thursday night we got the call that we would be on a two hour delay for Friday due to bitter wind chill temps. By the time I woke up on Friday, school had been closed. For good reason, it felt like -16. This is Snow Day #5 for us.
So vacation is starting early here.  I will need to go into school at some point to catch up on work and 'water' the clay projects that didn't get done due to this crazy week. 
How's the weather where you are? How many snow days have you had?

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