February 5, 2015

Valentine's Hearts and Weaving Project

If you have been reading the blog lately you have been watching this weaved heart project evolve from painted paper to a mixed media beauty!  Here's a quick lil how to and overview!

Painting, folding, cutting, symmetry, weaving, this project has it all! 
You have heard me say I am not a giant fan of seasonal projects. But Valentine's Day tugs at my heart. So I incorporate a bunch of skills to justify the gushy-ness of  the final product.
This project was done with my first grade students. They started with some red & white tempera in old egg cartons. We made a variety of lines and filled the empty spots with dots. With each line we added a bit more white to our brush. We focused on some brush skills and self control, including dipping a brush into the paint without swirling to keep the white paint clean.

We made a warm one (only reds, but hey) and then I went and squirted blue tempera on top of the red paint in their egg cartons and gave them new paper. They used just blue and when ready they mixed to make blue-purples and tints of blue purple. 
Then we spent some time working on the concept of symmetry with folded paper. This is a struggle for first graders, but I think we both enjoy the challenge. We used manila paper, I assigned heart homework (they were given a piece of paper to practice on at home) and once they were independent they were given construction paper. 
Which meant they need to be independent, understand when they need to use practice paper, and problem solve when they failed. I have a step-by-step hanging chart to help students as well. 
And they didn't get scissors until I saw their paper. 
My kids are surprisingly honest and this method builds up their perseverance. They wanted to be really good at hearts before the final *eek* paper.  
Then we made a glue rectangle on the paper of their choosing. Stuck the frame on and starting hole punching. I didn't give them a number of holes to punch and even though they struggled they still wanted to put a lot! 
Hole punching is great for their fine motor too. It really strengthens and works out their hands! 
I showed the students two ways to weave/sew. This was their first time doing this with me. I showed them the around, around, around and over/under/over/under. I know, super technical terms. 
All done! I love these projects! It's a keeper! 
What is your take on 'holiday' projects? Do them or not?

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