February 7, 2015

In the Art Room...#4-Haring Shake, Weaved Hearts and Zentangles

Well, it was a short week in the art room. We are in that odd time when we have a class or two before vacation and students are done with projects. I generally do long term projects, so finding a two day project challenging for me. And with the flu spreading around school, students are missing out (the reason I do longer projects in the first place to give everyone a chance to participate). So see what we are up too...
So while looking for inspiration and searching my Pinterest Projects to Try Board, I came across this Haring Shake video and couldn't stop laughing. This was it. Keith Haring it was.
This has been bookmarked and will be used for future brain breaks!
Dry Erase Board Practice 
We started with a brief overview of Keith Haring and his work, a discussion about AIDS and graffiti, and possibly a short dance party. Students practiced on dry erase boards first. The title of their work will be the title of a song that the people are dancing too. I am very happy with how well they are doing with proportion.

I love when students practice at home!! 
So this happened this week...first time in 9 years of teaching.
And so did this. Someone secretly organized my sharpies. All is not lost.

While one 3rd grade class  waited for their clay looms to come out of the kiln, we did some relaxing henna hands. The other 3rd grade class was glazing this week.

First graders finished up these beautiful weaved hearts!  Check out the whole project here. 

Corner up, time to make coils.
Second graders are getting their walls up on their slab boxes. We spent 2-3 days rolling out slabs. They roll their own and use a stencil to cut the squares. Once they get 5 squares, we put one corner up using slip and score. Then where their is a crack, we make a coil to fill it in. Then we blend. A lot. They use finger, popsicle sticks and a sponge to smooth the inside until you don't see cracks. 
Beautiful and smooth corner. This student loves clay. He is working so incredibly hard! 
Friday was a half day and our PBIS celebration. I was supposed to take  25 1st-6th graders outside and build snowmen. Well, there was a windchill advisory and I had to improvise. 

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I got out the model magic and markers and we made snowmen, just not with snow. The kids were just as excited and the model magic kept them entertained for 50 minutes.

How was your week? How many snow days have you had?

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