March 14, 2015

In the Art Room...#8-Glazing, Youth Art Month & Art Shows

It's been a busy week. I feel like this is the first time I have had a chance to think about it. Students are finishing their clay projects and starting new ones. It's also Youth Art Month. I am hanging a ton of artwork. My Brain hurts.
We are finishing first grade wall hangers, kindergarten pinch pots, second graders slab boxes. I finished a new chip and dip bowl style this week too. 

Finishing clay projects and at least one hundred other things. Well, that is what is feels like. 
I am being a lot more lenient with my deadlines this year which means I can have three different preps/projects happening with one group. It requires quite a bit of work and a lot of trust and independence in my students.After seven years of teaching them, we have got there. Fifth graders were finishing whistles, glazing whistles or working on the tessellation webquest on MC Escher on the iPads. 
Most second graders were glazing their slab boxes. We use a solid Amaco Teacher Choice glaze on the inside (gallons poured into ziploc containers) and the fancy Mayco Jungle Gems Glazes on the outside. I review glazing via an anchor chart, have glaze samples on the smartboard and samples on the lids of glaze (cut them from supply magazines). 
Just a few more whistles to go!!! 
5th grade whistles are glazed with Amaco Velvet Underglazes. These give the students much more variety and since whistles are small they don't need much glaze! 
Greene ware scares me. It is the most frustrating piece of the clay process. First grade wall hangers are drying out. 
First graders finished their projects early so we made some birthday crayons. (Did you know you can get rid of crayon wrappers by soaking them in warm water?) . And then I went to Friendly's to hang my Youth Art Month Select Student Show. Follow me on Instagram for more weekly pictures! 
Some final work on kindergarten pinch pots and first graders wall hangers. 
It's also time for our annual ArtsFest. Don't be fooled, it doesn't have much to do with art (the students actually spend the day in the gym practicing and art and music are cancelled). We have two days of practice, so I spent Friday in the gym. 
Here we are practicing the bleacher dance with our 3rd graders and our PE teacher.

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