March 17, 2015

Target Field Trip Grant! Corning Museum of Glass

On top of my weekly happenings in the art room(Check out in the art room #1  #2  #3 #4   #5   #6  #7  #8  )I have been keeping a project a secret for a bit!!

I applied back in September and played the waiting game until late December. Shortly after I got a check in the mail. Then I waited for Board of Education approval this month. BAM! We were going on a field trip to the Corning Museum of Glass. This is my first field trip. I am scared, nervous and incredibly excited to take my students on this trip. After discussions with my principal we decided to take 40 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students who completed a persuasive essay on why they would be an excellent representative of our school. Students also have to take photos and videos while there and present to other students a virtual trip upon their return.

At the beginning of classes, I am spending 10 minutes or so getting students pumped to apply for the field trip and answering about a bajillion questions from them. I don't mind, they are thinking of things I haven't thought of yet. Some students don't want to go, some are turned off by the 4+ hour round trip, and others can't wait for the trip. This is by far the longest trip for a field trip they have been on in their time at our school.
You can apply for your own Target Field Trip Grant each year between August 1-September 30.
Have you been on field trips before? Any pointers? Really I could use them!

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