March 28, 2015

In the art room...#10- Painting, Planting, Publicity and Portraits

Ya see that, I've been doing this roundup for 10 weeks. I think it's a habit now! This week was a bit short because we started Spring Break on Friday. We wrapped up our Youth Art Month celebration by having students vote in the Faculty Drawing Contest. Students wrote why they chose the artwork and I am looking forward to reading their responses. We also did our last scavenger hunt and student drawing challenge. Oh, and we did projects too. 
Oh, and we did projects too.
I spent the weekend in Albany. I am a Board of Trustees representative for the New York State Art Teacher Association. It was really productive, lots of ideas and discussions but I didn't feel like I had much of a weekend. Then came Monday. 

Even though break is beginning, I started a new project with my 3rd graders. We began the Foreshortened Portrait Project.  They start the project by tracing their hands and shoes. See that kid flipping his hand over, that is how you trace the other hand so you don't have to trace with your non-writing hand. 
        I got an article in the local paper about our Throwback Thursday!! Love me some PR!!  
Kindergartners planted their peas in their pinch pots. And according to one, "Dirt is cow poop." They had quite the intense conversation about this and were smelling and investigating the dirt. It was pretty cute. 
First graders were introduced to weaving. We are reading The Spider Weaver-Legend of the Kente Cloth.  It's a bit long, so we read a few pages each day. I start with a giant group weaving to explain weaving to them. This makes their smaller projects so much more successful. 
                                       And teamwork. I love seeing them help each other out!
Then we got the iPads out, looked at Kente cloth and had a discussion about what we saw. We picked a few ideas and painted them to create rows. Next class they will free paint the remaining white space.
Girl Scout cookies came. I put them in my freezer, lets see how long they last. Since it happened at school it qualifies as an important event. Please ignore the piles of paper in the background. 
I got this drawing for the final week of our drawing challenge. The title of the monster cracks me up!! It was obviously Mrs. Fart Farts and then she (yes, a sweet little first grader) changed it Mr. Fart Farts. Too funny. 
And then it was spring break, my car looked like this. Slushy, wet snow to start spring break. Meh. I have a mega to-do list of housework, studio work, grading and photographing to do. Plus, some relaxing. MUST RELAX. 
What are you doing for spring break? Is your break before or  after Easter?

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