March 7, 2015

In the Art Room...#7- Youth Art Month, Glue Sponges & Clay Projects

It's Youth Art Month!

It's March! Which means it's time to celebrate all things art education! 
If you aren't using this month to showcase your art program you should. It's a perfectly good reason to brag about how awesome your art students are and what an amazing program you are running. Seriously. Start bragging. 

So in case you hadn't figured it out. I spent the week encouraging my students to brag about our art program. Here is what down. 

I got to use our new display screens that were made by our BOCES students. A metal frame with a wire screen. I dropped SmartFab behind them to jazz them up. Sorta easier than taping. 
We are very fortunate that we can go into our building on the weekends. I spent several hours transforming the art room this weekend. I brought my trusty sidekick Libby because the school is dark and creepy and we have a phantom that flushes the the toilet periodically. 
The hallways are pretty dark at night.

Besides the hallway decorating, I do several activities for students to participate in. A weekly drawing challenge, a scavenger hunt (where they have to search the hallways and student artwork to find a tiny hidden picture of me) and a YAM Celebration and Art Show Night. All the students get this information and overview when they came to class this week. it takes 10-15 minutes and leaves us a bit of time to do some work. 
It's not to late to start your own celebration!!
It is editable so you can modify it for your art room! 

Not too much art making this week with YAM introductions. Plus I wore skirts a few times and was pocketless/cameraless.
Took a workshop on classroom management. The video we watched had such horrible acting it was hilarious. More on what I actually learned soon. 
I decided to reclaim some clay first thing in the morning and got this dirty...
First graders rolled out slabs last week. They cut rectangles using stencils and fettling knives. They used slip and score for the first time to make their pockets for their wall hangers. Yes. They use knives and I make them roll their own slabs. I give them new clay so I am not being too hard on them. 

We used glue sponges for kindergartners this week. Cut sponges down, get them wet, stick them in a container, pour some glue on top and let it soak for a bit. Pour more glue on if you want. Perfect for sticking tissue paper or making collages. Cover with saran wrap between classes. Or get fancy and buy some gladware. My gladware is being used for slip right now. 
The kindergartners that were done with tissue paper made pinch pots. This is a one day project. We make flower pots out of these for Mother's Day. As long as it can hold water, dirt and a flower I am okay with it. I would rather have the students explore than make perfect matching pots. When done they get a bin of found objects and decorate. I love when they make their own patterns!  
If you didn't see this post week's post on my ThrowBack Thursday, go check it out. 
I have been saving my students portraits for 7 long years and was finally able to pull them outta storage and hang them this week. I paired their kindergarten portrait with their recently completed 6th grade portrait. Their reactions were priceless. 
The reveal. 
My, how they have grown! 
Seriously awesome stuff. 
We finished the week with Talent Show assembly. This is put on by our student council. Students practice their acts and the show is on Friday night. I love seeing how brave these students are getting up on stage in front of the whole school! 
Whew! Week one of Youth Art Month 2015 is in the books! 
Weekend here I come! 

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