January 8, 2014

3 ways to save this week-No Scissors Needed

I love saving money and the easier it is the better. Each week I am going to tell you ways to save money on things you already buy and it won't require clipping coupons! Clipping coupons is one of many ways to save money, but its not realistic for everyone, so here are some scissor-free options! 

1- SavingStar-Save money at your grocery store with +SavingStar !Sign up for free, load your store cards use the website or app to save coupons to your account. Go about your normal grocery shopping and watch the savings add up! You can 'stack' coupons as well, so if you have a coupon for the same item you saved in this account you get both! You can receive your payment several ways including Amazon.com, Paypal, your bank account, or make a donation to the American Forests!They have other ways to save on the website as well like cash back and toolbars, I haven't used them but based on my past experiences with this company they are legit and worthwhile!
2-Price Chopper App-I assume most of my readers are local and have a Price Chopper grocery store near them. If you do, check out their website or coupon app(there are 2 apps in the app store-get the Mercatus USA one). You will need your advantage card to do this. Log in and check out the savings! There are coupons just for you, store coupons and manufacturer's coupons, just save them to your account and they will automatically deduct when you buy the product on your next shopping trip. Your savings will be tracked on the receipt with a trip savings and year to date savings. You can stack coupons with your store coupons as well. If you have then app, its handy to pull it up in the store while you shop or if you forget your Advantage Card!  Not near a Price Chopper? Search and see if your local grocer offers a similar website or app!
3-Pact App (formally Gym Pact)- Do you workout, eat veggies or keep a food journal? If so, check out +GymPact  ! I discovered this amazing app last year and it has helped get me to the gym each week. This small little start up had the genius idea of betting on how often you would actually go to the gym. You will need a smartphone for this app. Login and make your pact-how many days you will go to the gym this week and how much you will pay if you miss it ($5 minimum). Once you set it you can't change it. When you work out at the gym, outside or in your home just check in to the app and log a 30 minute workout. Meet your pact goal and earn a few bucks back-the more you go the more you earn! I have paid off a few months of my gym membership this year with this app.  What a great way to stick to a New Year's resolution! And new this past week you can make a pact to eat 'x' amount of veggies and/or log your food diary with the My Fitness Pal app which links to +GymPact . I am currently doing all 3, but since I can set how many times I do something I can ease into. I will let you know the result from all three GymPact items this week. Are you interested? I can give you $5 headstart to your pact if you follow this link http://fb-1480431.gym.pact.com  (only works on mobile). Make sure to use my referral-you will get $5-if not you get $0 =(

So LogIn and try out these easy paperless options! Let me know how it goes and always leave a comment if you have questions or comments!
How do you save money without clipping coupons?

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