January 12, 2014

Sunday Morning Coupon Ritual!

It's one of my favorite week's at Price Chopper! Doubler Week! In this week's ad there will be two coupon doublers. These will double any $1 coupon to $2 which means some free and cheap items! Now, these coupons are only available in papers you purchase, they are not in the ads in front of the store.
  Don't forget to check the Price Chopper ad or website for coupons that you load to your card (these don't double). 
I start off every Sunday with a big pot of coffee and the local paper. I gather a paper and pen, my coupon binder, my favorite Wescott scissors and any coupons I've collected or printed off through the week. I check the coupons in the paper and see if it is worth buying a second paper. Since there were doublers (that you can only get in the paper, not at the store), I headed to the local gas station and grabbed another paper and local paper that just carries the ad. I ended up with 2 sets of coupons and 4 Price Chopper ads/8 doublers.
Sorting the paper out.
I then clip the coupons together and sort them as I clip to save me some time later. Time is money with couponing and if you don't have an efficient system you won't appreciate or make the savings.
Sorted coupons. I sort according to my binder-Health and beauty, dairy, pantry, deli, produce.
 Once I am done clipping I sort the coupons away in my binder. The whole process to this point should take about an hour and a few cups of coffee! Then I read the ad and write a list of what I need, what is on sale and what I have coupon for that is going to make a good deal. Then I head on over to www.iamthatlady.com , she has helped me save thousands of dollars on groceries with her match ups. I look through the Price Chopper match up and see what I missed and print off some coupons if needed.
I spotted this deal right away. Bumbleebee has a new fresh seafood entree. With the in ad coupon and the coupon that came in the paper you save $5. I picked up the salmon with pesto. It has two servings. I'll let you know how it tastes!
Since there are doublers this week I will stop by the store a few times and get some freebies. I went today to check out unadvertised deals and get the groceries on my list. This whole process without interruptions (making breakfast, doing dishes, letting out the dog, talking with the husband) takes about 3-4 hours including the shopping.I justify this time investment by looking at the money I save as money I earn. I  have a list, coupons and a plan and don't spend money when I don't need to. I will add more savings later this week when I get some freebies.

So here is today's trip. I won't do this every time, but it gives you an idea of how I shop!
2 Powerade (coupon on my FB)
Tuna (SavingStar-will get money in my account later-not included in savings)

Bananas .49/lb
Cilantro- 1.49
Dole chopped salad 1.50 with $1/1 coupon (no longer available) I LOVE THIS SALAD! 

Premio Sausage- 2.88/2 packages- $4 off reduce meat ( sell by Jan. 14th) and 1 .55/1 premio coupon
Bumblebee Salmon- 4.99 after in ad and coupon from today's paper

Pantry (all the inside aisles of the store) 
3 Ragu - 1.24/2- used in ad coupon (.99/1) and a 1.25/2 mfg. coupon. 
8 Progresso Soup- B1G1  .52 each or 8/4.16. Used (3) .50/2 mfg. and a $2/8 SavingStar deposit. 
3 Ronzoni Pasta- 3 boxes for .67 each
Celestial Tea- 1.29 a box. Used .75/1 mfg. that came in today's paper, it will double.
Special K- 1.10- Used .70/1 coupons.com 
2 Uber LaraBars-  .25 for 2. Used 75/2 mfg. and 75/2 SavingsStar
2 Pure Protein Bars- .86/2 . Used $1/2. They were marked down.

Dairy and Frozen
Gardein Chick Fingers- Marked down to 2.83, had $1/1 coupons.com 

3 Arm and Hammer Laundry Soaps- 1.32 each. Used $1/3 from A&H website and doubler
this sale cycles maybe every 8-10 weeks.I only use this soap and stock up on when it goes on sale. I now have 4 bottles of it. 
2 A&H dryer sheets- 1.98/2 used $1/2 from A&H website and doubler. 
2 Windex Touch up- $3/2. Used B1G1 mfg. from today's paper. Its a new product and I am curious to see how it works. 

I will be getting another $3.94 in savings in my SavingStar account.
Later this week I plan on stocking up on 
Yoplait Greek Yogurt 10/$10- Use (2) $1/5 and doublers plus $1 SavingStar- 10 for $5. 
Another Bumblee Seafood Entree
Mrs. T Pierogies - 3 boxes for $4 with $1/3 and doubler 
Dole Jarred Fruit- .50 each with $1/1 and doubler

Overall my 3 hours of work will save me about $90 this week, or about $30/hour. When you look at the money you save as money you earn you can justify the few hours a week!
Let me know your questions and comments!

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