January 15, 2014

3 Ways to Save This Week!

Here are  3 ways to save/earn money that won't require clipping coupons!
Up this week are +RetailMeNot , +Swagbucks and +Earndit.
 Retailmenot is a website and an app. This is the place to find thousands of promo codes-you know that little box that comes up before you check out that asks if you have a promo/discount/coupon code ? Ever wonder how to get them? Check out this website! The codes are rated on their success rate, some work and some don't. Just type in the the retailer and try some codes, you may be surprised at these easy savings, even if it is just free shipping! 
  Swagbucks is one of my favorite ways to make and save money. You can make money by performing searches, downloading their search bar, completing polls and surveys, and entering swag codes. You earn points for doing this, points turn into $$. I buy Amazon Gift Cards ($5 for 450 points) and Starbucks gift cards ($5 for 500 points). Points are awarded randomly during searches so it may take a few before you win some points but try each day! I also stop by Swagbucks before I shop on line. I can earn points back on my online purchases if my retailer participates. It's like a cash back program without the credit card! I earned about $20 in points when I bought a new laptop last year but forgot to use it when I bought an iPad this year (ugh!). You can also refer friends. When your friends sign up with your referral code you earn points when they earn points (up to 1000 per referral).
So here is my referral code for you to try it out. Click for my Referral Code!  You can get an additional 70 points when you sign up if you enter MyCreativeNY in the sign up code box when you initially sign up.  Another great thing about Swagbucks is that they don't email you except when you cash in your points, the have a message box on their homepage instead! 
Earndit is a website where you earn points for working out. Points can be used toward mega discounts/freebies on health foods and workout gear. You connect your workout apps to the site and that's it-watch your points come in. You can enter raffles or weekly contests as well for big ticket items. I hook up my Runkeeper app (for my outdoor runs and walks) and Foursquare for my gym workouts. So yes I earn two different ways when I go to the gym-Earndit and Gympact. I just hop on a machine and while I warm up, I check in with foursquare, gym pact and turn on Pandora. I find these programs are a good way to monitor your gym attendance and motivate you a bit as well!

Are there any ways that you save money without clipping coupons? Leave a comment and share! 

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