October 17, 2014

Fall Bookmaking for Primary Students

A few weeks back I posted about this beautiful Jackson Pollock inspired paper my students created.

After making some leaf prints, we will be transforming this paper into beautiful books!

Here is how to make them. 
We began with 12x18 Pollock Paper. I cut it into 10 and 8 inch pieces.
You'll need 11x18 tagboard* 
Liquid Glue
*we are using the remaining Pollock Paper to make a background for our other leaf print.
The paper! You can easily make the Pollock paper the front and back cover.
Pollock Paper will be slightly larger than the tagboard. First step is to have students fold the tagboard in half.
Cut the corners off. I did this for the students because I didn't want them cutting too much or cutting while their was glue on the paper. This will help the corners fold nicely without a bunch of extra layers.
When gluing, glue the edge then an "X" or squiggle to get the middle.
After teaching this three times, the best way is to have the students place the folded tagboard on top- not open or unfolded. 
Then open in rub,rub, rub. You could incorporate a brayer or baren if you are fancy. 
Fold over the edges. The more glue you use, the more this step will fight with you. 
Students need to rub and rub the edges to get it to stick. 

Tada! Let it dry open and flat. 

Once dry or while drying, mount your leaf print to black paper. 

Seriously, how pretty are these!

Last step will be hole punching and creating a binding with rubber bands and twigs!

I am so glad I found something to make with this beautiful paper! I have my first graders write and draw up some fall illustrations while I help them drill and assemble the books. Overall, these books are impressive and they incorporate ELA. 

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