October 26, 2014

New Bad Morning Coffee Mugs!

School has been back in session for about 2 months and I am battling with the teacher/artist balance. I have been finding a few hours here and there to make mugs and custom orders have been keeping me busy. I have a new batch of  bad morning mugs that I have put in the Etsy shop, are guaranteed to get a laugh and make any coffee drinker really happy.
Up in the studio
Lots of mugs getting glazed!

Final Products! 

I also did some Mr. and Mrs. mugs for wedding season and they would also be great for the holidays! 
I have always had a hard time selling mugs on Etsy. Most coffee drinkers need to see and feel a mug before buying it. I love making mugs. I think about the heft, size, shape, handle shape and all the different ways a person can hold a mug and that would make any coffee drinker proud! These mugs hold 12 ounces easily too.  Check out my online shop Scoville's Studio to get yours! I can also make custom mugs, just email or convo me.

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