August 20, 2014

2013-2014 Art Project Recap & Planning

I'm gearing up for another year and am working my 2014-2015 Year at a Glance. I keep this handy guide in front of my gradebook and leave a notes for the next year. After some review,  I am dropping a few, adding a few and moving some projects to different times of the year.

My classroom currently looks like this.

Our school is finally getting AC and I am getting new ceiling tiles as well. I can't really do much in my room since all this work is getting done so I am doing what I can from home. So I was glad to have to digital resources to refer to while planning this summer. I upload nearly all of my students' work to Artsonia and kept track of all my plans this year on Planbook. I was able to use all of these plus some projects I was hoping to add from My Pinterest page to build my year at a glance.

You can see what we did last year by visiting my student gallery on Artsonia. 

Check out my post on Why I switched to .

How do you plan for the new school year? Start fresh?Keep favorites?

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