August 1, 2014

Earning Extra Money with Swagbucks !

A while ago I wrote about earning some extra cash during summer vacation  . As we enter August, some of us may be wondering how we are going to make it to the first paycheck of school year! I'm going to remind you of a few ways to earn extra cash to help you out! 

One of my favorite and easiest ways to earn a little extra cash is Swagbucks. You can earn gift cards by doing internet searches through Swagbucks. Basically, you earn points for doing a activities, points equal gift cards. You can also get points by printing coupons, shopping through the site, watching videos, completing surveys and much more! I am a fan of $5 Amazon gift cards (450 points)or Starbucks gift cards (500 points) and earn them mostly through searches and online shopping. Once redeemed,  I load the gift cards right on my Amazon account or Starbucks app. Boom!

The easiest way to remember is to install the toolbar and use it daily! Your points will rack up and you will have a gift card in no time! If you shop online, start at Swagbucks first, you earn points back on your purchases, often enough to get a giftcard!

One of the things I love about Swagbucks is they don't send you emails! Your account on their site has an inbox where all the offers, updates, reminders are sent-so awesome! When an offer expires, a red expired flag pops up next to the message so you don't even have to bother opening and reading it!
So if you are interested head on over and check it out. Please use the referral link below- I get points when you sign up and when you share with friends you do too!

And a money saving post wouldn't be complete without mentioning my favorite deal getting lady +Lauren Greutman from I am That Lady You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter and sign up for newsletters. She posts a variety of deals from grocery shopping, clothing, kid related items, housewares and more. I find everything she posts relevant to my needs and you might too! I am still couponing and sticking to an $80/week grocery budget for me, my husband and the pup Libby. I do it the I am That Lady way and all of her tips and techniques can be found in her e-book How to Coupon Effectively. 
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How is your summer budget going? or not going?

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