August 5, 2014

Weekend Recap- A Little Bit of Everything!

Remember when I said this blog is about me as an artist, art teacher, deal finder and DIY-er. I did every single one of them this weekend. And because I'm a visual person it is mostly in photos.
Saturday was the Cortland Wine and Arts Festival. Beautiful weather and it was
 my top grossing show ever!!
I won 3rd place for ceramics. There wasn't many of us there, but $20 is $20! 
I had a lot of empty boxes. Note my erratic packing system (nothing breaks so I am ok with it!)
Got home and found a phone book on every entry door handle of our house. The front double doors had one on each knob. I've now opted out. 
Sunday I really just wanted to do nothing. July was an absolute whirlwind. I cut and organized coupons. Then I decided that dividing and repotting house plants and succulents was as lazy as I could get. I ended up with a nice tan and three times as many houseplants. Cost=nothing. 
My succulents were outta control. I replanted some and prepped some for planting mid-next week.  The rocks in this one are from the beach of our recent Delaware trip! Succulents are a no brainer,  easy to grow and beautiful. I'll let you know how many of the house plants survived in a few weeks. 
All the succulents I have were formally part of my wedding bouquet. My maid of honor and I propagated each of our bouquets and have several pots of them now. 
After I went grocery shopping and to gym and did my first WOD (A Fran!) I decided to prep some food for the week while I baked chicken cordon bleu.  I cooked black beans while I was on the deck earlier(yes, from scratch it only takes 2 hours).
 Here's what I made in about 90 minutes- taco meat,  black beans with jalapenos(from our garden!) and onions, sweet potato bites, brown rice, egg muffin bites, broccoli, chicken cordon bleu and sauteed mushrooms, peppers and onions. Not shown are plain black beans, hamburger patties and pesto pasta salad. I was inspired by Sunday food prep (and WOD) from Lindsey at the Lean Green Bean. I did Sunday food prep nearly every week in the spring and it saves so much time and we eat so much healthier during the week. Also, very little food is wasted because you plan most of your meals.

Monday morning (I know its not the weekend), I met up with my NYSATA  vice chair Lauren for a meeting of the minds. We set up professional development workshops, art shows, emails, made flyers with for the fall for our Region 3 members.

How was your weekend? Want to follow more of my adventures?
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