July 7, 2014

Back to School Supply Shopping! Penny Deals are Here!

Ok, I have been on summer vacation  for a week a penny deals are already popping up!?
What are penny deals? Major office supply stores like Staples and Office Max/Office Depot offer amazing deals on back to school supplies. These deals can get you supplies for a penny(or a nickel or a quarter! )With some planning you can get your child's entire supply list taken care of and stock pile your classroom for under $20. Not close to either store? You can bring the ad to the following stores for a price match. Read the policies to make sure you follow the rules! Walmart  Staples(scroll to bottom)  Target
To be prepared for these deals, get yourself signed up for the rewards cards for these stores. If you are a teacher bring your ID or a paystub as proof of your employment.Teachers can often get more of these limited deals with their teacher card! Read on for how to start getting these deals that are too good to pass up!
Office Max
Office Max has MaxPerks as their reward program.
There is one just for teachers so if you can sign up for that one since it has better deals-
1 cent - 25 pack erasers, index cards and pocket folders.
 Now there are limits on how many you can buy of each item, see ad for each limit.
Penny Deals at Office Max-Index cards, eraser caps and folders.
Office Max/Depot has great online deals too! Check the website regularly because they often post deals to members that are amazing and not listed in the ad! Last year I snagged post it notes, Scotch Tape, Avery Address Labels, Scissors and more for a penny and had them shipped to my house! They offer free shipping when you spend more than $50. 
More info here on the MaxPerks Program go toMaxPerks  For Teachers
You will need to sign up for Staples Teacher Rewards or Staples Rewards.
This week's deals at Staples. I have seen the paper and folders cheaper than this! 
  • There are limits on how many you can buy of each item, see ad for each limit. However, teachers can buy up to 25 of each item. Any items over the ad limit you will pay full price for and then get the difference back in rewards to spend at Staples later.
  • Now, Staples has gotten pretty tricky with their rewards and ‘deals’ over the years. It used to be A LOT easier to get a bargain there. With a little bit of work you still can. The trickiest thing is knowing the difference between a REWARD and an EASY REBATE.
    • A Staples Reward:This must be spent back at Staples. I have the Staples App, and my rewards are there. If you don’t have the app they can issue rewards on paper (which I always lose).
    • A Staples Rebate: A Rebate that can be completed on line or by mail. This will come back you as a check. I believe you can get a gift card too. It doesn’t have to be spent at Staples.
Hope this helps! I will try to post the deals each week so you remember to grab them! 
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