July 23, 2014

Padlet A Collaborative Workspace for Students

In my blended learning class we got to experiment with Padlet. It is an interactive real time place for students to write responses, ideas and share information. Students do not need an email account to use which is huge for elementary students who often don't have their own emails (or an extra step that simply takes up too much time.)
So here are some examples of a Padlet. I embedded the code from the website (www.padlet.com) where I create them. I have an account and I can modify the document any time I want (and it will change where ever it is linked to). Contributors can only modify their own comments.
Created with Padlet

I really could see this being helpful in the class room to have each class monitor their own progress. 

Created with Padlet
Or students could have an ongoing critique of an artwork. 
I would instruct students to type their name (red) and response below.

Created with Padlet

The formatting is off a bit because of the width of my blog, but returns to normal on my website. 

What type of collaborative tools do you use in your classroom? Do you have another platform that you use?

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